Month: July 2010

"How do I get a job like yours?"

Each year about the same time I get a sudden wave of new college grad resumes. Each trip to the mailbox introduces me to another person seeking their first job in the event industry. It’s a tough time to get a job any where, so I feel for them. Every once in awhile I’ll get the question “How do I get a job like yours?”

Short answer: I don’t know. I traveled a twisted path of uncertainty to get where I am and the journey is far from over. I can tell you what I did, but I doubt it would do anyone much good.

It used to be you worked hard, paid your dues, found some good people to teach you and you were on your way. Sadly, I don’t know how true any of that is any more.

For what it’s worth here is my advice. You have to love what you do. That way even in the lean times at least you enjoy it.

Discover who you are. Are you willing to do anything to make a buck or do you have some boundaries that can not be crossed? I’ve discovered my boundaries and my unwillingness to cross them has cost me a few times. Yet I can sleep at night. You will be tested. People will chew you up and spit you out if you let them. Don’t let them.

Don’t think you are a star if you are not. Even if you are, don’t think you are. You are always a student. People flock to honest, humble people because they are rare these days.

Lastly, dream big and don’t let any one tell you you can’t. Nothing is easy. Nothing is guaranteed. Failure teaches more lessons than success.

How you do you get a job in events? You create it with pain staking attention to details, adjustment to set backs, considering the needs of others and making each one better then the last. The same way you plan an event.

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