Month: September 2010

Go for Launch

If you have a retail store, night club, or any other business, you need a way to stand out from your competition. Companies spend billions of dollars to market, brand and attract customer attention. But how do you showcase a product, location or service without breaking the bank? A LAUNCH EVENT!

What better way to launch something special—and grab plenty of attention—than with an unforgettable special event? Pierce Events creates fun interactive events that are totally hassle free. With years of promotional experience we stage events that intrigue, invite and capture the attention of customers.

The battle for holiday dollars has already begun many of our clients already understand the value and importance of our retail events. Create a dome that immerses customers in your brand experience, host and entertainment lounge that offers an oasis in the midst of holiday shopping. Entice the sense with light, sound, scents, touch and tasty treats. We make you stand out with holiday promotions, midnight sales, grand openings. Music and lights attract attention. When customers are having fun they are ready to spend. Let us show you how you can draw customers and stand out.

Pierce Events offers complete event planning, production and management services for corporate, social and non-profit events. For more information and other helpful tips visit our website at