Month: February 2012

Plan Like a Pro – Corporate Events

So you are in charge of planning an event. Our first suggestion is to hire a pro. If you can’t, we have some tips for you.

Plan it out No matter the type of event you’re planning, you need to map out a strategy. What’s the goal of your event? Are you introducing a new product or service to customers? Running a demo for analysts or prospects?

Whether your end goal is to get in front of key influencers or present before a group of executives, you’ll want a strategy. Look at your audience, what message will resonate with them and how you are going to measure results?

Budget Once you have your goals, you need to consider how much it will cost to accomplish those goals. Make a checklist of every item and the cost. This can include signs, invitations, graphic design, food, beverages, entertainment, etc. Consider all the little things that add up. What are you wants and needs. Deside and develop a price tag. Don’t lie to yourself on this step. Many people do!

Time and Place?  Who are you hosting? Executives or managers? Is it a presentation or a mixer? Is this event part of brand awareness?

The answers should determine when and where your event is held. If you’re targeting busy executives, consider a breakfast or lunch. A networking event is best  in the evening. A presentation is best in a hotel or conference room.

Be aware of how our surroundings influence your guests and thier expectations.

Invite The invitation to your event is one of the most important aspects of the entire planning process. You don’t want to send out the first invite too early or too late. Three weeks out is standard. If you want to get on executives’ calendars, send it out even earlier. A detailed, elaborate invite for a dinner event is appropriate, but you may want to be more simple and straight to the point if you’re presenting a demo. Include directions and who to contact for information. Make it easy to be an attendee.

Keep track of responses. Those who have RSVP’d should receive reminders that differ in timing and message than those who haven’t.

Attend the Event Before the Event Visit the venue and imagine your event.  Envision how you want attendees to experience the event. Everything from parking to the food should be considered. What signs need to be in place to avoid confusion? Where should you station staff? You want to understand what your guests will see from the time they arrive to the time they depart.


How Much Does A Wedding DJ Cost?

You will find a wide range of prices and services when looking for entertainment for your wedding day. Most couples have no idea what to ask or where to start and end up choosing the cheapest DJ they can find on Craigslist or a friend of a friend. Before you make a choice that you will regrest we off you some general pricing information.

The Cheapest

This guy wants $250 for the job while the other one wants $1200.00 Easy call right? CAUTION! A DJ charging 100.00 an hour or less are most often part time hobbyists. They might have no idea how to coordinate and deliver what you want at your wedding. Just call them and you will notice a huge difference with their customer service skills. You may get a hand written contract and limited ability to reach them. This might be a risky deal because they might show up with low grade equipment (some don’t even show up at all). Sure, there is a possibility that you can spend $200-$600 on your wedding DJ and be happy, but you have to understand what cheap wedding DJ prices really mean.

Average Pricing

You don’t need a fancy DJ, just someone to play music. So you call a agency and they will book a DJ for you at a reasonable cost.  That’s safe right? Usually many are larger wedding DJ companies subcontract 15-25 wedding DJs every weekend. They improve their profit margin this way to support that google listing you found, bridal show advertisements and overhead. There are many good DJs that are subcontracted by these companies. However, they might be so big that you might not know who will your wedding DJ will be. You lose that personal connection and a DJ that understands your needs.

Do you want an average DJ to do your average reception, or do you want something extraordinary?

A full-time company like Pierce Events depends on your referrals to generate future leads and business. This means that they are 110% dedicated to your wedding reception. The wedding DJ cost needs be looked at with their references. Ask for recent clients’ names, phone numbers, and e-mails.  Any reputable company will be able to give you this information.

Expensive Wedding DJ Prices

Top tier DJ’s charge anywhere from $1500-$4500. There may be added value, such as an additional DJ/wedding coordinator, lighting, staging, etc. Other times, this price is determined by an owner with an overinflated ego. A high priced DJ does not mean that they have instant credibility. Make sure you know who and what you are getting and why they charge what they charge. They should be totally dedicated to your wedding on that day.

So, how much does a wedding DJ cost?

This depends on how comfortable you are with the lighting, experience, equipment, music, and fun options. You should try unique things because your wedding is far from ordinary. This does not mean you need to break the bank with wedding DJ prices, but see what options are really worth the cost. The typical wedding DJ cost will vary between $800-$1200. In the short term the wedding DJ price will be a factor in your budget, and long term 80% of the success of your wedding is based on the entertainment. If you want to have a great time, interview multiple companies, compare and choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

If you would like to speak to Pierce Events about your wedding day call them at 724-986-6939


The New Guest List

Have you ever fumbled through sheets of paper searching for a name as a guest stands waiting in front of you. You’re not sure if the name is spelled with a “C” or a “K” and a line is now forming. The solution is here. Check In Easy….

Check in guests electronically on your iPad or iPhone.

Eliminate your paper guest lists today. This amazing guest list app makes managing check-in at your event lightning fast and simple. The app is perfect for special events, corporate parties, conventions, fundraisers & night clubs. Unique boarding pass technology lets us send an email with a unique barcode to your guests so they can be scanned in at the door with either an iPad 2 or iPhone.

Get the night started right with a streamlined check in process, and get your guests in as quickly as possible.

Check In Easy iPad/iPhone application is for simple and fast guest registration, check-in, and management at events from 2 people to  20,000.

– Eliminate the need for paper guest lists, clipboards and binders

– Upload a guest list from excel and you are ready to go

-Check in through web app and live sync with iPads and iPhones

– Email & text alerts tell you when important guests arrive

– Boarding pass feature lets you send your guests printable tickets with unique bar codes

– Quick check-in using the integrated ticket scanner

– Search for guests quickly –

Manage guest list during the event

– Easily download guest list of who attended and when

GUEST LIST APP – CHECKINEASY.COM from Guestlist App on Vimeo.