Month: April 2012

“I DO” Need Wedding Insurance

Couples spend a huge amount of time and money planning every detail of the perfect wedding day. However, no matter how much you plan,n sometimes there are things that are beyond control.

You don’t want to think about fires, floods, hurricanes and accidents on your wedding day but you really should. Wedding insurance can give you piece of mind that even of things should go wrong on your wedding day, your investment is protected.

Wedding insurance has become an increasingly popular option. Severe weather or a reception hall that goes out of business the week before a wedding are al causing wise couples to consider insurance.

The average price of a wedding in 2011 came in at $27,021, according to the Real Weddings Survey, and in some regions, it can cost more than double that price. The escalating costs are prompting many couples to turn to wedding insurance to protect these hefty investments.

Travelers is one of several companies that offer policies to help couples recoup lost expenses when bridal plans go awry. Premiums vary depending on the level and type of coverage that couples-to-be choose to buy. Policies typically cover lost expenses related to severe weather, sickness, vendor or venue problems, attire damage and military deployments.

“You would not buy a $25,000 car without insuring it and a wedding can cost just as much” says Shaun Pierce of Pierce Events in Pittsburgh, PA “Most weddings happen without incident, but heaven forbid something does go wrong you are going to need insurance”

At Travelers, 31 percent of claims originate from vendor or venue issues. About a fifth of claims are due to sickness, injury or mishaps. Claims for vandalism or theft and weather-related claims follow closely. The company offers up to $175,000 in wedding expense related coverage.

Before you buy insurance make sure you know what is covered and what is not. Often a “change of heart” is not covered and does not qualify as unavoidable.

If you would like to speak to an insurance professional about your needs contact Pierce Event and we would be happy to refer you.