Month: December 2012

Tis The Season: The Company Party

office-christmas-partyLet’s face it, we all look for ways to hang on to a buck a bit longer. The year-end, big budget holiday bash is about as prevalent as the dodo bird these days. Almost all companies have scaled back or cancelled holiday parties altogether. We have been in that holding pattern for some time now. Are things about to change?

Vendors report that bookings are on the rise across the country, yet there is still an inherent fear that has changed the size and scope of events for a long time to come. So what to do???? Here are some ideas that may help:

1. Incorporate a charitable element in your party. Hosting a volunteer drive, raising money for charity or relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Sandy are often more rewarding than lavish affairs. Celebrations don’t have to be about flaunting success, but more about employee appreciation. Create a spirit of teamwork in your event.

2. Why so formal? It’s a busy time of the year. People like events where they can come and go at their leisure. Forget all sitting around a big table at a designated time. Try fun smaller activities—photo booths, arts-and-craft areas, interactive food stations, karaoke rooms. If employees can bring family it often builds stronger relationships .

3. Keep it simple. Instead of spending money on Lobster and prime rib, skip the caviar, sushi bars, and carving stations. Consider make-your-own dessert stations, mini mac ‘n’ cheese bites, chili bars, and fun less expensive food choices.

Instead of a full bar (which can present problems) plan a few specific cocktails. Fun and colorful drinks will wow guests and reduce your bar bill.

When people contact Pierce Events looking for ways to save money on a holiday party we can often make several suggestions. We use non traditional venues, DJ entertainment instead of bands and even post holiday parties all can save money.

Our goal is always to make sure that every dollar in the budget is well spent, the party is unique and captures the spirit of the season: giving to others and being thankful for many blessings.