Month: March 2013

DJ Nightmare

We warn people all the time. Don’t take a chance on a cut rate DJ if your entertainment and event is important to you. Yet there is always a bride or groom who think they are getting a good deal and book that half price person for one of the most important days of their life.

Then we get to hear all the horror stories as a result. If you can see video of what can happen here.

The latest story comes from a couple who chose a DJ based on who had the cheapest price. The winner was $200 for music and lights. Here is what they got for $200 bucks…….

cheapdj2The guy came in black jeans, a untucked tuxedo shirt, bow tie and a Batman Ballcap. His back drop was black plastic with masking tape spelling out his DJ name. The lighting was a strobe light. A tip jar sat on his card table next to his computer and public address system.

Introductions became a train wreck as he obviously had no clue how to pronounce names.

Needless to say the couple was not happy. but you can’t really do your wedding over because of a poor choice.

In this day and age of iPods and laptops anyone can buy a few things at Radio Shack and call themselves a DJ. For a backyard BBQ it may be fine, but please don’t fall victim to appeal of the discount DJ. If your event is important to you invest in a pro. You do get what you pay for. Contact us