Month: June 2013

What’s that song?

The foundation of Pierce Events began years ago as a DJ company called Echo Productions. Working with the top radio stations and taking our mobile DJ show all over we met all kinds of people and played all kinds of music.

A real DJ does not just play music. He must entertain, read the crowd, make quick decisions and know how to deal with a number of distractions.

One age old distraction is someone asking a question about a song. They don’t know what the song is or who sings it, but while another song is playing they attempt to convey enough information that the DJ will suddenly guess the mystery song.

Let us try to help you. Ever have a song running through your head, but don’t know who sings it or what it’s called? LyricFind’s Lyric Search helps answer the age-old burning question of “What IS the name of that song??”

By searching the actual lyrics, not only can you “Name That Tune,” but you can create playlists based on lyrics and subjects of songs – imagine making a playlist of songs about San Francisco by simply searching the lyrics for “San Francisco”, “Frisco”, or other keywords.

Try it out –