Month: February 2014

Lord of the Rings: Key things to consider when buying an engagement ring

Pierce EventsOk guys, you made it through Valentine’s Day and each year many men follow cupid right into a jewelry store. It’s the first step in planning your life together and we are here to help.

Buying an engagement ring is a very important. You want something she will like, while at the same time fit your budget. Remember, this is only the first step, so there are many things to consider. In any jewelry store you are surrounded by several options, prices, and terminology that can all be overwhelming.

This may be the largest purchase you have ever made, so we want to help you get it right with some tips that can help you choose the perfect ring.

What’s her ring size? It’s doubtful you want to give her a ring that is too big or too small. She will want to wear it right away and not wait around for it to be re-sized. If it will not be a surprise, you can stop into any jeweler and they will measure her ring size for you, or consider secretly taking a ring from your her jewelry box and have it measured. Just be sure to put it back!

It’s not just the rock. The diamond isn’t the only thing you have to consider. Another is the material of the setting itself. Whether you choose gold (or white gold), silver or platinum that will impact the price. The price of precious metals can vary greatly. In most cases whatever metal you choose for the engagement ring, you’ll also have to buy in the wedding ring.

Shape & Size. Some guys make the mistake of choosing a ring that would work much better as a belt buckle. Consider how practical the shape will be. It will need to work well with her wedding ring. If the ring is too wide, it can be difficult to fit a wedding ring on. Also remember a ring that is too tall tends to catch on everything.

You probably want to biggest diamond you can find for her. However the biggest isn’t always the best. Size or “carat” is only one of four key things to consider. Jewelers can educate you more on the fours C’s: ‘carat’,  ‘cut’, ‘color’ and ‘clarity’. The cut and setting will greatly impact the appearance and sparkle of the diamond. Often a smaller diamond with the proper cut and setting can appear larger than a larger diamond. Choose a diamond that is bright and clear, not simply large,

The often forgotten element: Insurance

If you are going to purchase a ring of great value make sure are protected. Your Jeweler should give you a written appraisal estimate when you purchase her ring. Often Jewelry store will offer insurance plans in store. Be sure to shop around for the best deal and keep your paperwork safe in case the ring is ever lost or stolen.

We hope that helps you. For step two in planning your wedding contact us.