Month: May 2014

Ask the Expert – Teen Party Music

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Q: I’m planning an end of year party for teens. We are just going to play music ourselves, but I wanted to know how to get clean copies of popular songs?

A: Thanks for the great question and for your concern when it comes to music. The songs you find for sale on CD’s and itunes are not the same versions you hear on the radio. In fact they are often shockingly different! Radio versions are edited to remove content and words that can not be aired. Often those edited songsĀ are only available to professional DJ’s through music services.

Each month we receive new songs in multiple formats with “radio edits”. However, most of these songs are not available for individual purchase. You must be a subscriber. I caution anyone using music from itunes because even the “edited versions” are often not edited enough for school events. Many times we will further edit a song or create an exclusive mix for our events.

It is always safer to hire a DJ, make your expectations clear and make sure your DJ of choice has radio edits and knows what is/is not acceptable. If you do play music on your own, I suggest really listening to every song you intend on playing prior to the event. If you don’t have a version that meets your standards, don’t play it and move on to the next song.

*Clean Beats by Pierce Events is worry free fun and interactive DJ entertainment programmed for schools and teen events.