Month: July 2014

The Entertainment Business – Entertaining Business Development

Not many people would argue that a conversation over a glass of wine in a relaxed atmosphere is much more appealing than a presentation in a conference room. Companies will often fly hundreds of people to destinations for sales meetings, education and training, all in between food, entertainment and fun. But why go to the expense and trouble? The answer is very simple. It works!

Creating an experience built around great wine, great food and great company is more powerful that any marketing piece ever dreamed of. We have the tools to help you take your business entertaining to a new level.

Entertaining should be about developing your business. Enjoyable social events are branding moments that people will long remember and always associate with you. They may just be one of the best investments you could possibly make, because every event is an opportunity to influence and impress others. Creating a memorable experience doesn’t need to bust your budget. A qualified event planner can guide you to obtain the most out of your budget.

So where do you start? First, leave the planning to the experts. It’s doesn’t matter if you are hosting a luncheon or a destination meeting, asking employees or trying to do it all yourself will create work tension and lessen the impact of the event. An expert will save you time and money and allow you to focus on your role.

What is your role? 

Be an enthusiastic host. It’s important to get the most out of your hosting role. Greet people as they arrive. Set the tone for the event.

Food and drinks can be a great business tool. Introducing guests to great wine and great food creates a wonderful atmosphere for clients and employees alike. Work with a sommelier and chef to assist in pairing wine with food and create a key experience for guests.   

Be sure to connect with your guests. If you, as the host, don’t seize the opportunity to engage with your guests the event is wasted. Don’t just talk business. Use the time to find out about people and their personal life. Knowing about a person’s children and family, their hobbies and interests creates a personal connection. Showing genuine interest in people is important even in a business relationship. Don’t just look for the most important person in the room. Make efforts to help people mingle and meet others. 

Consider giving your guests a nice take-home item. It’s way of thanking them for attending and an opportunity to have guests leave with your branded item and remember the evening.

Entertaining can be an powerful marketing and business development opportunity and give clients, prospects and even employees a positive impression of your brand and company. It’s a key step in building a strong business relationship. If you would like to talk about you next event, contact us.

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