Month: May 2015

Let Me Explain: The Unfiltered Truth About Events

Event PlannerIt’s rare that a client will call us without having some sort of idea of what they want their event to be like. They don’t have all the details worked out, or sometimes even a clue how to make it happen, but the general concept is often in place.

Sometimes we are asked to do impossible things. Even the most incredible event planner is bound by the laws of physics and the effects of gravity. (Not to mention state and federal laws) We can do a lot of magical things, but there are limits, so realistic expectations are important.

Many times we see clients do things that we have seen over and over again with the same result: It doesn’t work, or it doesn’t work well. Yet it still happens again and again.

Take for instance seating arrangements. This is an area that is often over thought. Alphabetical cards with table numbers work great. Finding your name on a map and matching your color coded card with the themed centerpiece on one of the 200 tables in the room…. not so much.

One of the first questions we ask is “What’s your budget”? That question is heard as “How money money will give us”? The question is not meant to determine your account balance, rather it helps your planner provide a realistic plan to suit your needs and budget. Without that information your planner may be planning a $100,000 event while you are planning a $10,000 event. Be upfront and honest and it will save everyone time.

Pintrest can be evil. Sharing visual information with your planner is great. It helps them understand your vision. However, we have yet to see a price tag attached to the incredible photos you find on Pintrest. To re-create the adorable seaside picnic you found on Martha Stewart’s board may cost more than your home.

It’s easy for anyone to go online and shop around. Many times people will tell us they found something cheaper. While bargains are great, what often isn’t considered is quality, labor, transportation costs. Consider the advice of your planning before making a purchase.

Plan ahead. There are times of the year that are in high demand. Everyone graduates in the beginning of Summer. Saturdays are most popular for events. You can’t start making phone calls for an event that is two weeks away and expect not to run into some challenges. Often the best event professional are booked a year in advance. Give yourself and your planner plenty of time.

Lastly, decide your “wants” and your “needs” for your event. It’s very easy to get lost in the wants before the needs are met. The horse drawn carriage isn’t going to impress anyone if you don’t have great food and entertainment. Your planner will help you get the most out of you budget and a little understanding will help you get the most out of your planner.