Month: July 2015

Outdoor Summer Events: Tips to Keep Guests Comfortable

Outdoor PartyWarm weather hails outdoor events. It also brings special considerations for anyone planning an alfresco affair and it’s important to keep your guests comfortable. Here are some helpful tips:

Comfortable Seating – Metal and even black chairs in the sun can be painful to sit on. Padded light-colored chairs work best. With several styles and colors to choose from, your event will be comfortable and look great.

Temperature Control – Weather is the one thing even the best event planner in the world can’t control. Heat is just one extreme you have to be prepared for. For some tented events portable air conditioning is an option. If outdoor AC is not an option for your event, be sure to have some well placed fans available. This will help move the heat that gets trapped under tents and even help control bugs.

Food & Beverage – No matter what food and drinks you plan on serving, good old fashion water is essential. Alcohol and heat don’t mix well and often the hotter it is, the more guests drink. Be sure to give them water to balance any other drinks served. Food should be items that will keep well in the heat. Salads and chilled food should remain chilled. Even cooked food should not be left out more than two hours.

Know Your Guests – Think about who will be attending your event and the space you will be using. Not all guest can easily uses steps or walk on uneven ground. Consider how far the restroom will be for your guests. Make sure you have adequate parking. If you are hosting a large party in a residential setting, it’s courteous to inform neighbors beforehand.