Month: December 2015

Time for a Trend Article

Every year at about this time the trend predictions of what is in and what is out appear like holiday decorations in a shopping mall.

Trends are like fads, and as history proves, some fads are just popular bad ideas. (Google “parachute pants” for a prime example).

The problem with trends is once everyone follows then they no longer “trendy”. As event planners we constantly strive to create new experiences. To deliver for our clients and guests things they have never seen before. We create events that siStock_000018254113-Trend-Analysistand out and provide an interactive, engaging experience. Part of this effort is always seeking, developing and introducing exciting new elements, technology and productions.

The things that capture the attention and imagination of our event guests are the true trends. They are the things that people talk about long after they are over.

While each event we produce is custom created specifically for each client, here are a few ideas to consider in the coming year.

Corporate events are changing. Flying the entire company to location for a sales meeting or product launch used to be the norm. Now companies are staying closer to home to save money and make it more convenient for employees.

Power point presentations in conference rooms are not the way to go. Instead create an entire brand experience to deliver your message and meet goals for the event.

Technology can’t be ignored in these events.  Events should keep attendees engaged.  Using iPads, Smart boards, and even creating an app for the event all create a way to connect with your audience and deliver your message. Make sure attendees are able to connect through WiFi and provide them plenty of opportunities to interact at your event.

Forego the bag. How many conferences have you attended where you have been handed a bag? That bag is usually filled with things you will never read, things you will never use and that bag will end up in back of a closet assuming you don’t throw it out before you leave the property.  No one wants to walk around with that bag, so invest your budget in one nice gift or consolidate and award a few very nice gifts for lucky guests.

Weddings are moving away from the usual chicken dinner in a hotel ballroom. Smaller and more intimate celebrations at unique venues are becoming more popular. Even wedding luncheons that end in late afternoon are taking the place of the party that goes till 1 AM.

Private parties are often being centered around a theme. Elements borrowed from movies and pop culture are very popular. Time periods and celebrations that allow guests to participate in the theme are appearing at celebrations.

A year from now all this may change. It may also be bigger than ever. As an event planner, it’s our job to be aware of tends but also to create an event that doesn’t attempt to follow a trend, rather it presents a new twist or presents something entirely new.

On behalf of all us at Pierce Events we wish you a very happy 2016!