Month: January 2017

A Look Forward (and back)


It’s hard to believe next year Pierce Events will celebrate our 10th year in business. The hopes and dreams we had when we launched the company have come to life.

We hoped that someday we would be able to do national events. Most said that would be impossible to do for a little startup company in Pittsburgh to do. That quest has taken us to places from coast to coast. We have been so fortunate to work on incredible events from Los Angeles to Dallas, New York to Chicago.

Along the way we have met and worked with some very talented people, discover exciting places, made great friends and have built a reputation as always going above and beyond for our clients.

It hasn’t been without challenges. We’ve had to compete in the event industry and sometimes you don’t always win. There have been times we have poured hours of hard work into a project only to see it not happen, or be given to someone else. Once you realize that failure teaches much more than success, those moments can be motivating and you move on. 

We have from day one sought out and surrounded ourselves with great people. From our staff to our production partners. Planning and producing an event is like conducting an orchestra. Each person has to play their part correctly or the whole thing is off. Over the years we have found people that love what they do and we have parted ways with those who don’t. 

There have been moments in events that have amazed me and times I thought “There’s no way we can make this happen” and then it does.

We been up early and worked late. We have been in the stinging cold and blistering heat. We have driven thousands of miles, been in and out of airports and hotels, have eaten at fast food joints from coast to coast and all to get to that that moment at the end of an event when we ask the client, “Were you happy with everything?”

To play a role in creating moments that people will always remember is an honor. Be it a wedding celebration or the culmination of an entire company’s hard word. We get a front row seat to milestones in life. 

We could not be more grateful for the opportunities we have had, the friends we have made and the experiences along the way. There are so many exciting things ahead and we look forward to sharing them.

Wishing all of you many blessings in 2017.