Welcome Home – A Very Special Dedication

DSC_1254Recently we were fortunate to be a part of a very special dedication event. A memorial was unveiled at the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH. This event honored the Air Force security police squadrons that served from Vietnam to today.

To be among those men that served, hear from Maj. General Spacey of Lackland Air Force Base and remember those that fell defending our nation, was not only a lesson in history, but a rare first hand glimpse of how serving forever impacts your life. There were many laughs and a few tears and countless stories that need to be heard by future generations. Many of these soldiers we never welcomed home until now. This was extra special because our family traveled in from across the country to honor our father Sgt. 821st CSPS James G. Pierce who served.

DSC_1261The Air Force Museum is a truly incredible collection of aircraft through the ages and the history of national defense from the air. Admission is free and with 4 hangars and aircraft outdoors, you could spend a week there and still not see everything. We highly recommend planning a visit and be sure to take a walk through memorial park outside the museum and the many monuments.


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