Back to One

We are off and running in brand new year. Those first ten flew by.

It’s always good to think back to where you started, take a look at where you are and point your sights to where you want to be. When we first launched we did just about anything, anywhere, with anyone that wanted us. All those challenges and less than glamorous moments were great lessons.

When we first pursued event production outside of Pittsburgh it wasn’t easy. We knew what we could do, but no one else did. That meant we had to prove ourselves. One of our first jobs was in Oklahoma. We drove 2000 miles round trip. Stayed in the cheapest motels we could find and even spent a night in a rental car at a rest stop. Oh the good old days. We saved our client a ton of money, proved what we could do and most importantly earned their trust and future business. That led to a relationship that endures to this day.

While I love sharing what we do in planning and producing events all over the country, often times people only see the finished product. Often the real work is missed. I’m happy to share what goes on behind the scenes for those that have an interest. That’s where the real work is done.

I invite you to join us this year on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will share peaks at what goes on before showtime and the invite you in to our events happening all over.  You are invited to travel with us to across the country via social media. We would love to hear from you as well. Share your ideas, reactions, questions. Come along with from New Jersey to California and of course we will share our home base of Pittsburgh with you.

We have a lot of exciting new things planned for 2019. A new look, new design, new production elements and a whole lot of fun along the way. Join us.

Happy New Year – Shaun Pierce, Pierce Events


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