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The Reality Of Fantasy

Last year we met in California with a company developing a virtual reality platform. While VR is now accessible even for home use, this company is taking it to the next level by not only enhancing the technological aspects, but bringing together some of the most innovative minds from the artistic, entertainment, production, film and event worlds in a unique partnership. The idea is to go beyond current VR capabilities and create a totally location based immersive experience that incorporates the guest into another world. Participants get to freely roam on a stage with physical props that are incorporated into the experience. Each participant wears their a VR backpack complete with an integrated computer.

SPACES was founded at DreamWorks Animation and the team has wide-ranging backgrounds in film, television, video games and theme parks. We were invited to tour their newest project location in San Jose, CA.

As we walked through the venue still under construction at the time, we learned about the layout and vision. We also discovered a Pittsburgh connection as a CMU grad guided us through the venue. Needless to say we were honored to be asked to produce the grand opening event for this future of entertainment.

SPACES will launch a brand new immersive VR experience at the Century 20 Oakridge in San Jose, CA featuring “Terminator Salvation: Fight for the Future”  It will feature multi-sensory VR technology blending 4D effects, 3D face scanning, physical interaction and social group play.

Thrill-seekers will gear up and join the resistance in the fight against Skynet in a heart-pounding, untethered, adventure that takes place in the Terminator universe. Upon entering guests will register and scan their faces using SPACES’ unique, proprietary face scanning technology. Fans will then be immersed in a free-roam, virtual reality battle with up to four people in a group.

Transforming locations into digital playgrounds, SPACES invites guests to engage their senses through virtual reality, haptic feedback and environmental effects that guests can reach out and touch. The moment they take off their headsets, guests will immediately receive a cinematic video of their experience that they can take home and share on social media.

Technology is advancing everyday. It is now possible to place you into movies along side the actual stars and interact with countless characters in endless environments. The impact this could have on the future events could be huge. Imagine attending a concert or event happening thousands of miles away, or attending a luxurious gala in what is really an empty space. The possibilities are endless.

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Connecting Beyond Your Event

Social media provides a powerful opportunity to connect your event and messaging beyond your guests in attendance. Social media can expand your event marketing efforts and your onsite attendee engagement. Here are some ways to make social media a part of your next event.

  1. dsc_1093Visual Focal Point – Give your attendees the perfect backdrop for their photos as well as a reminder of your event hashtag. Providing something that attendees will what to take a photo of that is branded with your logo and hashtag will increase engagement. Include your hashtag on signage branding and throughout the event.
  2. Selfie Stations – Fun and eye catching stations throughout the event with your event hashtag, quote bubbles, or emojis encourage people to snap and post there experience to social networks.
  3. Make Your Guests A Star – Moderated social media feeds displayed on screens or projected in your venue allow guests to see posts from the event and spur additional posts.
  4. Social Swag – Ensure all promotional items are branded with your hashtag and logo. Great promotional items can encourages additional social media.
  5. Good Food – Food and beverage are integral parts of your event and people love to take photos of food. Incorporate your event hashtag on napkins, glassware, or even on the food itself.
  6. Reward Your Most Active Influencers – Give away prizes for those who post from your event. You can set up a Twitter activated vending machine that dispenses items when someone posts using your hashtag.

We have a number of other ideas and tools available to connect events, marketing, messaging and engagement with attendees and social media audiences. Make your next event more impactful with our team of event and social media experts.