Month: July 2012

Virtual Events: The Global Connection

Virtual and Hybrid Events are changing the way companies connect with customers. Companies like Twitter, Facebook and to a lesser extent Google all have launched platforms to change the way events are planned, produced and experienced.

Twitter just announced Hashtag Pages and it will change the way we interact with events, meetings, festivals and conferences.

Hashtags are the key tool to make your event trackable and visible on Twitter. Hashtag pages categorize all the tweets, media and users about a specific event, but provide control over what is visible.

Twitter gives event professionals the capability to moderate tweets and content and highlight only the most relevant ones.

Hashtag pages such as Brand Pages allows a clean stream of event photos posted by followers and a highlighted gallery at the top of the page. This makes following an event online much easier. Rumours are that some livestreaming capability is in the works.

Another cool feature is a ‘Top people’ section that displays the top users talking about the event. It gives administrators the power to highlight users and gather the real influencers tweeting the event.


Facebook is constantly tweaking their event pages. They offer event annoucements, response tracking and integration with ticketing platforms.

Google is running a distant thrid place with Google+. We recently traveled to South Carolina to speak with other event professionals about social media and event technology and shared the future of Google+ remains to be seen. However, it’s becoming clear that sooner or later Google+ will have to have an event section to survive.

Let’s let our friends over at Google, Twitter and Facebook in on a little secret. The 3 aspects most of us event professionals crave are HYBRID, LIVE STREAMING AND MOBILE APPLICATIONS

It looks like Google Hangouts are becoming the tool to use to connect remote attendees to conferences, seminars and worskhops.

We are currently assessing the use of Google+ Hangouts for our clients as a tool of integration. Hangouts are becoming a popular instrument to connect remote audiences thanks to the multiuser capabilities and Youtube integration.

Imagine the value as once your physical event is over, you’ll have the second largest search engine in the world (Youtube) go to work for you and get your event and message found 24 hours day on a global scale.

These new applications and ideas are ever changing and evolving but one thing is for sure, the impact is changing the events industry.

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