Month: February 2013

Stupid Marketing

There are plenty of challenges for anyone who starts a business. The last thing one needs to do is create additional obstacles. I’ve seen a trend of people attempting to create a “cool company name” by misspelling words or coming up with a name that has nothing to do with what they actually do.

Misspelling words makes it difficult for the world to find you.  If you spell “Productions” “Produckshuns” how is anyone supposed to know that?

There is a company called “Perfect Jewels of Paradise” what do you think they do? I’d guess floral or jewelry. No, they do event planning. If you search for them you find a broken link to a Facebook page. Not a great marketing plan.

Finding a good business name is no easy feat and there are some advantages to offbeat names. Unusual names are most likely available as domain names. They’re easier for consumers to find in organic searches if they are searching for your exact name. They also provide brand definition, but you must consider how to apply and manage your branding.

If your name is too weird, offensive or difficult to understand, pronounce, spell or remember you may have a problem.

Use humor and education to help people remember your name. Your name must be a part of your brand message and consistently build upon your name.


Great Ideas

choco-champagne2The event world is exciting, and ever changing. You won’t last very long doing the same thing over and over. At Pierce Events, we are always looking for new and creative ways to captivate and connect with guests. Here are some of the newest things we’ve discovered to make your event incredible….

Do you remember the old Sammy Davis Jr. Song “The Candyman”? In it Sammy croons “you can even eat the dishes,” well now you can! Imagine edible glasses made from the highest quality Belgian chocolate. Fill them with champagne and fresh fruit, or use them for specialty cocktails. Imagine the look on your guest’s faces, when they realize their glass is edible!


bubbleOutdoor events are great but can come with issues such as heat, weather, bugs. Maybe you are looking for a way to stand out indoors and out. May we suggest a bubble? It’s an eye catching alternative to a tent that will have everyone taking notice. The frameless bubble is inflated by a special turbine which keeps it in shape, renews the air and eliminates pollen, humidity and condensation problems.
Inside, the air is fresh and filtered, there are no mosquitoes and the acoustics are particularly soothing. Make a special room for guests in the garden, a meeting venue or a stand in a trade fair. The Bubbles are designed to be set up far away from any source of energy. They use minimum energy and minimum material and provide maximum comfort and interaction with their environment. They do not need a building permit and offer total freedom.

led2glowbandsDon’t just go to a party, be the party. Xylobands™ are a new unique marketing product. Coldplay is using these amazing bands as a way to bring the audience into their show, and light up the crowd. They become part of the show. Xylobands™ can carry your brand and your message.  They can be used at music events, sporting events, festivals, parties and corporate events. Xylobands™ are LED wristbands you can control. You can vary the speed of flashing, including on/off, and also control which colours are flashing.

These are just a few ideas to make your event spectacular. Contact Pierce Events and let us create the experience for your next event!