The Event Symphony – Cinema Cake

One of the things I love about what I do is meeting other talented people who are passionate about what they do. I constantly discover new and exciting things to offer clients.

An event planner must rely on a team of dedicated peofessionals who are the best in ther perspective areas. When the pieces come together, it’s like a symphony that can stir emotion, exhileration and a lasting impression.

Recently we traveled to Atlantic City, NJ to meet other event professionals from the Northeast region. I was introduced to so many new and improved event elements from technology to design. Each person I met shared their expertise in a specific area of event production. There are many things I could share with you, but let me focus on one that really impressed me. It a new twist on classic video production.

Many brides are forgoing video on their wedding day. Family and friends have camcorders. Professional video doesn’t always fit int the budget and how often will you watch a video after the wedding? Besides, do you really want someone sticking a camera in your face all day capturing your every move?

Before you answer, let me introduce you to Dave Williams and CinemaCake Wedding and Event Filmmakers.

Dave and his team seemlessly blend into the background with small and unobtrusive cameras. Often you don’t even know they are there.

They capture moments that most of us miss in the whirlwind of a wedding day. The set up for the ceremony. The bride and groom preparing. That breathless moment when they step forward. The thoughts of parents. The emotions of the moment.

They capture the grand enterance and first dance. The amazing part is you and your guest view this beautiful produced video at your reception. With constant editing throughout the day, the folks at Cinemacake will deliver and unforgetable moment for you and your guests.

Check out the video and the reaction of the couple. It’s a powerful example of just one part of the symphony. If you are as impressed as I was, contact us to talk about bringing Dave and his team to capture your celebration.

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