Month: April 2014

A Holiday Wedding: Usually a bad idea

ImageWe noticed some weddings taking place over the long Easter weekend. You can pick any holiday and someone is getting married. Is this a good thing or bad thing for guests?

While a long weekend where most people have time off seems like the ideal time to bring family and friends together to celebrate a wedding, there are some reasons to avoid holiday weddings.

Travel: Traffic, hotel demands and costs all increase during a holiday. Your guests will pay a premium and may have to forgo traditional plans with family to attend the wedding.

Crowds: If you are planning rehearsal dinner or a brunch the day after the wedding you are bound to wait in line. These places are overwhelmed even before you and your guests arrive.

Fewer Attending: Many of your invited guests will be considering all the reasons not to attend once they see the date. A good 15-20% say they would not attend a wedding on a holiday.

Your Cost: Don’t assume a Sunday holiday wedding will save you money. While some vendors or venues may generally discount Sunday dates, often times they will charge extra for having staff work a holiday weekend.

Fewer Options: Some venues, florists and even caterers close of holidays. If you have an issue there is not the usual staff ready to assist. You may also find many top vendors are unavailable to you on those dates.

You know your guests better than anyone. For some a holiday wedding may be the perfect fit, however, be considerate when deciding on a wedding date. Often times asking loved ones to travel, pay higher costs and forgo their personal holiday plans will present many problems and leave even those that do attend less than cheerful about your wedding day.

– Pierce Events