Month: August 2013

Choosing a wedding DJ: When and How

I can’t tell you how many times the phone will ring a month before a persons wedding and they are just starting to look for a DJ. It’s kind of liking starting your shopping on Christmas Eve. What you end up with is what no one else wanted.

First understand how important you entertainment is. If everything else is perfect except your entertainment, your wedding celebration is a failure. That’s all there is to it.

The problem is most people don’t understand this until it is too late. So let us give you some tips to try an avoid any problems.

Let’s start with what NOT to do. Don’t just hook up your iPod and hit play. It may be fine for a backyard party, but not a wedding.

Don’t hire and club DJ. Club DJ’s are great in clubs, but not at weddings. Mixing and scratching have a place and time, but it’s a whole different skill set to be able to entertain a crowd of mixed ages and musical tastes.

Don’t ask a friend or choose the lowest bidder. You really need a pro for a number of reasons. Unless your friend is a pro wedding DJ with experience don’t ask, and that Craigslist guy that will do your wedding for $100 and some beer, well need I say more?

If you want the best entertainment for your day plan, research, and book early. We are booking weddings a year in advance if not more. Once you are engaged you need to pick a wedding date, location and DJ. Those should be your first three things.

Here are some key questions to ask when looking for a wedding DJ (and our answers to those questions):

Who will be the actual DJ entertaining on my wedding day? (We do every wedding we accept. We don’t run an agency or assign others)

Does the DJ provide a contract? (We provide a full 4 page contract that outlines everything in detail and what happens for weather, cancellation, damages, etc.)

How long will you hold the date for us? What deposit is required to hold the date? (We typically will hold a date for 5 days with no deposit. A portion of the price is required to secure the date. That cost varies depending on what services are chosen but is usually less than $300)

How long have you been in the business? (We have been doing wedding for 18 years)

Do you have other events on the date of my wedding? (We only accept one wedding per weekend to provide our full attention to our clients needs)

What differentiates you from all the other DJs? (It’s our personal approach as we strive to make your wedding unique to your style and taste)

What are the latest trends in wedding entertainment? (We constantly educate ourselves on trends and products such as led up lighting, audio advances and popular themes)

Will you emcee the wedding? (Yes. We do all your introductions, announcements and guide you throughout the night)

Can you provide custom up-lighting? (We offer full service event planning include up-lighting, Monogram lights, dance floors, rentals, etc.)

Have you performed at my venue? (We have entertainment at venues all over Pennsylvania, Ohio & West Virginia. While we have not been to every venue we would be happy to discuss yours)

What do you do if my guests aren’t dancing? (It’s our job to make sure everyone is having a good time. We always make adjustments to ensure the dance floor is full all night)

Can we do anything different for the typical wedding formalities vs. what is typically done? (We love making your wedding unique. We can offer ideas on things to do or we are always happy to incorporate your ideas and traditions)

Can we submit a “Do Not Play List” or a “Must Play List”? (Yes. While we don’t suggest you attempt to choose every song that will play, we will gladly play your requests and avoid any songs you don’t like)

These are only a few questions to ask when reviewing wedding DJs or entertainment. If a DJ or company seems to stutter at any of these requests, move on.  They will not customize your evening and chances are they have a pre planned routine that will not be the entertainment you want.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your needs please contact  us at Pierce Events 724-986-6939